The old Franco-American alliance in the heat of the 2003 crisis

On February 6, 1778 France and The United States of America signed in Paris the treaty of friendship and alliance and would draft on paper the terms of an alliance that would be sealed in the blood at many occasions in the two centuries to follow. Periodically along the way of this extensive history, agents of hatred and ignorance (often playing in the hands of self interested lobbies and foreign powers) have attempted to torpedo what the souls burried in the dirt of Yorktown and in the sands of Normandy beg us not to forget -- The great spirit of Franco-American friendship...
In the spring of 2003 the US decided to invade Irak; it would be the beginning of a harsh stand-off between the two countries.


Articles on this side represent the defenders of the two-century old bond.

Articles on this side represent those who wish to crush the light of friendship between the two countries.

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Michael Moore, strong defender of the Franco-American friendship
Thomas Friedmann did whatever he could to spit on and dessacrate the two century old bond.